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Actress, Model, & Content Creator

My eighth grade English class final assessment was performing scenes from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  After knocking Titania's monologue out of the park, I couldn't escape the urge to dive deeper into the acting world.  I played various roles in my high school's Shakespeare plays and participated in ensembles of several musicals before moving to New York City to study media and acting. 

I discovered the world of TV and film production, booked a few background acting gigs, and fell in love with screen acting.  I've played day players, supporting and lead roles on student films, short films, indies and features, music videos, and commercials. I also have voiceover, commercial, and modeling experience.

You can explore my work via the tabs above and follow my socials to stay updated with current and future projects.

Have a project you want to work on together?  Get in touch with me today.

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